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3, How to jump start a vehicle?
2014-05-24 18:24:36

How To Use a Multifunction Jump Starter To Jump Start A Vehicle Battery

1. Make sure the battery capacity of the multifunction jump starter is above 50% (check the indicator lights).

2. Plug the jumper cables into the barrel socket of the multifunction jump starter and connect the jumper cable clamps to the drained battery of the vehicle. 

WARNING: Always connect the BLACK clamp to the negative ( - ) terminal of the car battery first, then connect the RED clamp to the positive ( + ) terminal of the car battery to prevent damage to the device and/or the car battery. 

Do not touch the RED and BLACK cable clamps together or connect both cable clamps to the same piece of metal to prevent personal physical injury and damage to the device and/or the vehicle.

Not recommended to use the jumper cables for any other purpose other than jump starting a vehicle.

3. Now attempt to crank start the engine. 

WARNING: If the engine does not start immediately on the first try, disconnect the jumper cables from the car battery and wait at least 10 seconds before reconnecting the jumper cables to the car battery and attempting to start the engine again to prevent damage to the device and/or the car battery. 

4. Once the engine has successfully started, disconnect the jumper cable clamps immediately. 

WARNING: Disconnect the jumper cables from the device within 10 seconds after the engine has been successfully started to prevent damage to the device and/or the car battery. 

Recommended Vehicle Engine Displacements for Different Jump Starters 

     6000mAh multifunction jump starter - 2.0L and lower displacements

     8000mAh multifunction jump starter - 3.0L and lower displacements

     10000mAh multifunction jump starter - 4.0L and lower displacements